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Looking for office space? You’re in luck! Concord Tower offers a variety of options to suit your needs. From cozy corners to expansive private offices, we’ve got you covered. Our spaces are designed with your budget in mind, ensuring affordability without sacrificing style or functionality. Plus, our dedicated team provides ongoing maintenance, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your team. Experience excellence in office space rental with Concord Tower. Contact us today to find your perfect workspace!

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At Concord Tower, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional office spaces and amenities. We know that a productive workplace is key. Our amenities include:

Features of our office spaces

If you want to rent a professional office space for your company to contribute to its growth and success, you must choose an office space with professional features. Here are some of the main advantages office spaces Concord Tower provides:

  • Excellent location: we provide you with professional office spaces in key area. This helps you choose a prestigious niche for your company and boost your branding speed. You can contact us to choose the appropriate location for your office space.
  • Quiet work environment: We provide you with office space in quiet areas to work in a professional environment. Calmness makes you focus on your work, reduces distractions, and effectively increases productivity.
  • Multiple options: Small companies often face space-related problems, as they will later need more space as the team size and ongoing needs increase. Concord Tower offers you professional office spaces where you can easily adapt to the increase in the size of your team and increased operational needs.
  • Permanent maintenance: We have a work team constantly ready to carry out all maintenance and cleaning work in the office spaces.
  • Flexible deal: You can easily choose the location you want as well as the duration of the rental contract. This suits fast-growing companies. Our terms are flexible, very easy, aim to satisfy customers and provide the best possible service.

Office space fits your budget

Office rental costs at Concord Tower vary based on location, type, and size. Additional services also influence pricing. We consider your team size and specific requirements when determining rates.

Prices fluctuate across cities, so budget-conscious renters may opt for smaller spaces. However, striking a balance between size and affordability is crucial.

We offer competitive rates for small, medium, and large companies. Flexible terms cater to short-term needs with monthly rates or long-term commitments with annual leases, which are more cost-effective.

For those seeking cost-saving options, coworking spaces are available, though they entail shared environments.

Additional amenities:
– Fast elevators ensure quick access to higher floors.
– 24-hour security and backup power generators prioritize safety and reliability.
– Emergency drills are conducted regularly for prompt issue resolution, fostering a secure workspace.

Building amenities

Parkings and

We offer top-tier parking tech and valet services in the UAE, emphasizing luxury and convenience for all visitors.
Managed by HalaPark.


UFS Fitness Center at Concord Tower offers free personal training for tenants and employees, perfect for staying in shape.


Our secure system ensures prompt access for you and your employees using only your Concord Tower access card.

Storage Unit

Rent storage units at Concord Tower starting from 500 Sqft. Affordable and practical solutions for offices needing extra space.

Commercial Flexibility

At Concord Tower, Explore diverse tailored options to meet your commercial needs. Prioritize suitability over mere preference.

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