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High Performance Offices

Introducing Concord Tower

At Concord Tower, we are committed to offering our tenants a luxurious business environment and a diverse range of facilities, all conveniently provided under one roof. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with clients, ensuring the seamless integration of architectural and engineered systems to create harmonious and productive workspaces. Located in the center of Dubai, our offices continues to be a hub of high-performance workspaces that carefully balance client preferences, technical requirements, and environmental considerations for a successful business atmosphere.

High Performance Offices

About Building
At Concord Tower, we’re proud to provide our tenants with a luxurious business atmosphere and a diverse range of facilities all under one roof. Situated in the heart of Dubai, our team collaborates closely with clients to deliver high-performance offices integrating architectural and engineered systems into a balanced design. We carefully consider client preferences, technical capabilities, and environmental concerns to create successful workspaces.
Total area

7410/35 m2

40 floor
6th – 38th floor
B3 – 5th floor
Parking Capacity
1339 parking

Our Mission

At Concord Tower, our mission is to cultivate an unparalleled business environment that inspires success and fosters innovation. We are committed to providing our tenants with luxurious and high-performance workspaces, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge architecture and engineering. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with clients, tailoring solutions to meet their unique needs. As we continue to evolve, our central focus remains on creating a harmonious balance between client aspirations, technical excellence, and environmental responsibility. Concord Tower is more than a workplace; it’s a strategic partner in your journey to unparalleled business achievement.

Our Vision

At Concord Tower, our vision is to be the epitome of excellence in providing dynamic and inspiring workspaces that transcend traditional boundaries. We envision a future where our innovative approach to architecture, engineering, and client collaboration sets new benchmarks in the business landscape. As a beacon of sophistication and productivity, we aim to redefine the standard for premium work environments. Concord Tower is dedicated to becoming the preferred choice for businesses seeking a harmonious blend of luxury, functionality, and sustainability, ultimately contributing to the success and flourishing of our global community.

Building amenities

Parkings and

We offer top-tier parking tech and valet services in the UAE, emphasizing luxury and convenience for all visitors.
Managed by HalaPark.


UFS Fitness Center at Concord Tower offers free personal training for tenants and employees, perfect for staying in shape.


Our secure system ensures prompt access for you and your employees using only your Concord Tower access card.

Storage Unit

Rent storage units at Concord Tower starting from 500 Sqft. Affordable and practical solutions for offices needing extra space.

Commercial Flexibility

At Concord Tower, Explore diverse tailored options to meet your commercial needs. Prioritize suitability over mere preference.

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